Hybrid education has been a great solution for so many parents and families and it is what best describes our work at ​​the Regina Caeli Academy. At the heart of a hybrid education is the teamwork of parents and tutors.

In our model, our tutors are very much co-teaching with parents, supporting parents as much as they can. This is because we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.

In this way, both tutors and parents get to know the child and can work together to bring the best out of them.

This collaboration is supported by an ongoing conversation between parents and tutors, through academy day pick-up and drop-off and through email. This can have a greater level of depth at our parent/tutor conference days which take place twice a year.

Both teach from the same lesson plans, share the same template of the week and can see what has been taught by the other.

We have found that this collaboration leads to great outcomes for children, with so much thought given to their individual growth. It also gives parents the support that they need and enables them to play their part in the schooling of their children.