What we teach

At Regina Caeli Academy UK, we use a Classical curriculum. Our curriculum exposes students to the finest literature, be it imaginative, persuasive, logical, scientific, or doctrinal, so that the great thinkers and authors of the last 2,500 years become their tutors.

Additionally, students in the 3rd grade begin learning Latin, something that will continue right up to graduation from 12th grade at the age of 18.

Study of the great ideas, works of art, and languages inspires the imagination and creates a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Religious Education

How we do religious education sets us apart from mainstream and even faith schools.

We want to help our students to know and love their Catholic faith, so we aim to give them a great, Catholic formation.

To do this, we go through the Baltimore Catechism, a question-based approach to learning about the faith.

As children move through the stages of development, we revisit these questions at deeper levels of understanding and by the end of their schooling we explore apologetics, and how to respond to basic arguments against the Catholic faith.

This is a part of the rhetoric stage and in it, we explore the works of theologians, from Aquinas to C.S. Lewis.