Having watched three of our children complete mainstream secondary school, we have seen that the ubiquitous ethos of grade-chasing doesn’t necessarily give young people a good idea of their strengths and where to head after school. Instead, it can strip a child of identity, freedom, imagination, and joy. 

What appealed to you about the Regina Caeli Academy?

RCA is an opportunity that was not available for our older children, but we wish it had been. We have home-schooled quite a bit in the past, but our youngest daughter is a few years younger than her nearest sibling. RCA has given us the ideal balance between our daughter having good friends and us being able to take an active part in her education ourselves. It works beautifully!  

The Classical curriculum has been a delight. Faith, core skills, and creativity are at the heart of everything. 

The structured curriculum allows the parent to relax and know that everything will be covered at the right time & there is expert advice from the staff whenever needed. 

Of course, there’s the whole parent community for wisdom, support and ideas too.

What has the experience of hybrid education been like for your family?

After joining RCA our daughter very quickly began to show joy, an intense flowering of her imagination and finally peacefulness. 

She has, within the context of a time-proven system that allows children to grow in alignment with their studies, begun to inhabit herself. It has been a delight to watch.

A wonderful plus is that we have realised that the friendships our daughter has made at RCA will last into adulthood because our families have all the basics in common: our faith, our attitude to parenting and our commitment to seeing our children grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

What would you say to parents who are looking for an alternative education and are considering RCA UK?

To any prospective parents, we would ask the thought-provoking question that another parent asked us when we first visited RCA UK: do you want to look into your children’s eyes in ten years time and still know them and what they stand for?

RCA and three days of home study per week is not entirely easy, especially for the educator, the home finances or the car, but we are sure that it is all worth it.

We live just over an hour from the centre, which is by no means the furthest that parents travel to the centre for academy days. I think this speaks volumes about the value we and so many other parents place on what we have at RCA. If we’d had the opportunity, all of our children would have been raised this way, to their undoubted benefit.