Homeschooling is reportedly on the rise in England, with more children than ever being educated at home. Data from the Department of Education states that an estimated 86,200 children in England were home-schooled in 2022/23.

So why are more parents choosing it?

The Good Schools Guide report that families give many and varied reasons, including but limited to:

  • Feeling that mainstream schools are too target-focused and that this creates a stressful and negative environment for children.
  • Wanting to raise their children with a low or no-tech approach, especially since the United Nations recommended that schools ban smartphones because of their detrimental effects on learning and social development.
  • Waiting for a place at their preferred school, to open up.
  • Worrying that their child would be bullied in a mainstream school.
  • Concern that big class sizes and a ‘one size fits all’ education makes it impossible for teachers to teach well and stifles the individuality of students. 

For all these reasons, more and more parents and families are deciding that mainstream schooling does not ‘work’, at least for them.

On the other hand, many parents who homeschool can struggle with the lack of structure and accountability. After all, suddenly becoming the educator of your children is a big responsibility, alongside all the other responsibilities of being a parent.

This is where we come in. 

The Regina Caeli Academy model is a hybrid of school and homeschool, with two academy days of teaching and three from home. With a standardised curriculum for parents to teach from ready to go, parents begin to teach their children within a network of tutors and parents who offer ongoing support.

If you are considering an alternative education for your child, why not consider our hybrid model? We’d love to hear from you!