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RCA in the US and UK

Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) was set up in 2003, in Georgia in the United States, as a support centre for Catholic homeschooling parents. RCA now operates 23 centres, reaching from coast to coast. 


Fundamentally, RCA is committed to faithful adherence to the Holy Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church with particular obedience to the Pope. Regina Caeli Academy is a prayerful response to the increasingly important need for affordable, authentic, classical education in the Catholic tradition. RCA is open to all students, regardless of race, sex, or national origin. The mission, 'Training the Mind to Form the Soul', of Regina Caeli Academy is realised by forming classically educated young men and women according to the unbroken tradition and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

Regina Caeli UK is an affiliate of RCA, with the same curriculum and with teachers trained by RCA Directors, ensuring the highest possible quality of education for students, but with a UK-focused curriculum (think Wars of the Roses rather than War of Independence).

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