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The Regina Caeli curriculum, along with every other Classical curriculum, follows the American system of examination. So, at the age of 18, pupils will gain a High School diploma and take the SAT tests – both a SAT Reasoning test and, if they wish, one or more Advanced Placement (AP) subject exams.


The Reasoning Test contains three parts:

  • Critical Reading – grammar and comprehension

  • Maths

  • Writing, comprised of both multiple choice questions and a written essay.


More details, including sample questions and a test, are here.

AP Exams focus on a particular academic subject; more details can be found here.

GCSEs and A Levels


There is nothing stopping pupils from also taking UK qualifications if time permits. The flexibility of the hybrid education model means that parents could enter their children for the relevant GCSEs whenever they feel they are ready (as opposed to when they are at a certain age). That, in turn, means that GCSEs could be taken over a period of several years, if that was what the parents thought best.

University education


Just as US Universities are increasingly looking to the UK for pupils, so UK universities are welcoming those with U.S. qualifications. The website of each university has a section on applicants with international qualifications – two examples are here and here.


Post-18 options

There are many options for students at the age of 18. A Regina Caeli education is a great preparation for a whole range of possibilities. Our children can apply to universities in the UK, the US, or elsewhere in the world. There are also many great school leaver programmes, apprenticeships, and degree apprenticeships.

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