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The Programme

Regina Caeli follows a classical liberal arts curriculum with all tutors being trained in the classical curriculum and the Socratic method. As a foundation, RCA uses some syllabi of  Mother of Divine Grace curriculum (MODG), a long-standing American classical curriculum. RCA UK writes its own portions of the curriculum to fit our British context. The two days each week at Regina Caeli provide a highly structured programme for pupils with the full breadth of the curriculum being taught on both days. The rest of the curriculum is taught at home by parents who have access to very clear lesson plans. Classes are held on Monday and Thursday, initially for Primary years (Reception to Year 6).


With children coming together for two days a week to work with highly trained teachers, we are able to offer all the advantages of home education together with the best aspects of school. For example, we can train children in the Socratic method and also provide lessons, such as Music and Drama, that are best taught in a group setting. During these two days our tutors are able to take some of the teaching and testing load from parents, leaving parents time to shape the rest of their week to suit their own children's needs.


The curriculum builds gradually from a simple base. In Kindergarten (which is the equivalent of Year 1 in the UK), for example, the children have lessons in Religion, Maths, Phonics, Handwriting, and Poetry, slowly adding in Art, Music, Science and History on Mondays and Thursdays, which allows parents to concentrate on Religion, Maths and English at home. By 3rd Grade (Year 4 in the UK system), the children have lessons in Religion, Maths, Language Arts, Spelling, Handwriting, Poetry, History, Science, Geography, and Latin. 


At different points during the primary years, the following subjects are taught:

  • Religion

  • Mathematics

  • Phonics / Spelling

  • Handwriting

  • Language Arts

  • Literature

  • Latin 

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • Art / Art History

  • Music

  • Physical education

  • Drama


Book lists and supply lists will be provided for each year group before the start of term.

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